Comics Round Table

Adam Baynard 8bit Bourbon

Hey guys! Every week you hear me babble and ramble about Comic Books. This is a post for all the other Comic Book fans out there. Each week I’m going to post what I’ve been reading and I would love for ¬†you to post the stuff that you’ve been reading. I love Comics and I’m always looking for the next …

Adam BaynardComics Round Table

New Gear Incoming!

Andy 8bit Bourbon

Episode 5 will be recorded with two of these sexy beasts. Don’t be alarmed if the silky smooth vocals turn you on a bit.

AndyNew Gear Incoming!

Andy and Adam Xbox Live Antics

Andy 8bit Bourbon

Here is a sweet goal from your 8bit Bourbon hosts. Andy throws to Adam who buries it in the top right corner. Here we are discovering the Black Pearl in Battlefield 4 whilst fighting the perfect storm.

AndyAndy and Adam Xbox Live Antics

Hello World.

Andy 8bit Bourbon

We apologize for any inconvenience our recent server transfer may have caused. As this is our first foray into the podcast world we had to touch up a few things to maximize our reach and compatibility with all devices and browsers. This included changing some file names that may have caused you to receive a repeat podcast if you are …

AndyHello World.