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If you are a frequent viewer of this post you will know that I love Batman. Almost all of my selections thus far have been about the Dark Knight. Hell, I’m watching “The Dark Knight” as I type this. Last week I posted about Batman and Robin which was written by the great Grant Morrison. But why is he great? Because everyone has told me that? To be perfectly honest I haven’t read much of anything by Grant Morrison but you can’t be a Batman fan let alone a Comic Book fan without knowing who he is. I realized I needed to read more of his work.  So I’ve decided to focus most, not all, of my reading on the work of Morrison. So here goes.


JLA (1997-2006) Vol. 1 Written by Grant Morrison & Art by Oscar Jimenez & Howard Porter

jla vol 1

My dive into Grant Morrison begins with JLA (1997-2006) Vol. 1. Which includes JLA #1-9 and Secret Files and Origins #1.  I bought it around the Holidays while ComiXology was having their “$5.99 DC 25 Essential Graphic Novel Sale”. Right now I wish now I picked up more because it was an amazing sale.

I don’t have the deepest experience with the JLA. But I’m comfortable saying I’m familiar enough with the characters. I wasn’t sure what to think about Wally West as The Flash instead of Barry Allen and having Green Lantern being someone besides Hal Jordan or John Stewart seemed odd. But so far I don’t mind Kyle Rayner in that role even though I’m not that familiar with him. All of the characters seem to have a little twist to them which I’m ok with because I like to see writers take them to new places. It would get boring to always read the same character. One thing that I’ve found odd in the first 9 issues that I’ve read is the absence of Batman. He seems to be preoccupied with his own matters and acts more of a consultant for the Justice League. But for bigger battles for the most part he is there. The one thing that really has bothered me with JLA Vol. 1 was the Blue Superman. It’s terrible looking.  When he first appears on a page it made me stop and say “did i skip a page? What the hell is going on?” Superman just refers to it as a “costume” change but he looks like a totally different person. I don’t get it. I’ve always had problems with Superman and I want to like him but this is just distracting. It feels like a change just for the hell of it. With that being said I’m only 9 issues into the series so maybe I’ll find the explanation I’m seeking later on. One thing I’ve noticed about Grant Morrison is that his stories sometimes can be hard to follow. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not a JLA superfan or I don’t know all the necessary backstory. But sometimes I just get lost and it feels like I skipped a page. I had these moments in Batman and Robin as well and I’m very familiar with that world. So maybe there is just a Morrison adjustment phase.

Overall I would say I’m happy with what I’ve read and would definitely recommend it. (Even though I’m late to the party and majority of you probably have already read this a long time ago.) The more I read Morrison I know I will grow a custom to the way he writes. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the way he writes. It’s just that sometimes he can be a little confusing. But I like a good challenge when reading. So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m excited to continue this JLA run and can’t wait to pick up other books by him.


Don’t forget! If you have any Morrison books that you would recommend or if you think I’m completely wrong about the Blue Superman, leave a comment! I’d love to talk Comics with you guys.




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