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Welcome back to another week of Comics Round Table. As I mentioned last week I planned on spending more of my time reading Grant Morrison. I’m quite happy I made this decision and Mr. Morrison did not disappoint. So here we go.



Batman Incorporated (2012-2013) Vol. 1: Demon Star

Written by Grant Morrison Art by Chris Burnham

Incase you aren’t familiar with what Batman Incorporated is, it is a global crime fighting organization hand selected by Batman. Pretty much there is a Batman type hero on every continent. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about these new “heroes” but towards the end of Volume 1 they started to grow on me. But that’s besides the point. The real reason I chose Batman Inc was Damian Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Talia al Ghul may be one of my favorite characters in the Batman universe. I love what challenges she brings to Batman and Bruce Wayne’s life. Morrison delivers with Talia. She’s dark, she’s dangerous, and at times she seems to be a bigger challenge to Batman than any other villain in his world. Mentally and physically she pushes Batman to his breaking point. And Damian is their love-child so what’s not to like!

I loved this book, I really did. But since something major happens in this story I’m not going to talk about it too much. Actually I’m not going to talk about it all. All I really have to say is that even though I’m still quite new to Morrison this is my favorite story I’ve read by him so far. In fact, besides the Scott Snyder stories, this the best Batman I’ve read in some time. I was skeptical because of all the characters involved but I loved it. The relationship between Batman, Talia, and Damian will always get my attention. And Morrison nails it. To avoid all spoilers and to stop myself from writing 1000+ words on how much I enjoyed this I’m going to stop.

Long story short. If you like Batman and you like Morrison go get this book now. I can’t recommend it enough. My only gripe is that the artwork on Issue 0 is a bit suspect. Sometimes the faces looked like they were crooked on people. Some people may like it but to me it was weird. But it goes away on #1. Other than that the book is  gold so go please enjoy it!

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