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Hi. Yes, I know it’s been awhile. I’ve missed you too. Let’s get to it.

All Star Batman

All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder

Written by Frank Miller Art by Jim Lee

This is one of the best books I’ve read in sometime. It’s the story of how Dick Grayson comes under the “care” of Batman. Now I’m not the biggest Robin fan and I do like Dick Grayson, just as Nightwing. I’m one of the those guys who likes Damian Wayne as my Robin. We are all familiar with how Dick Grayson becomes Robin. His parents get murdered and Bruce takes him in. It’s a touching story, two orphans united to fight crime together…blah blah blah. This isn’t that story. This is the story of the Batman I personally love. The bat-shit crazy Batman, where at times you even question why do you like this guy? Pretty much Batman in this story is a huge a**hole and is really hard to like. But I love it, it challenges you as a reader to see past the mask and to figure out what Miller is trying to do with him.

I won’t go into spoilers because you could be like me and this story could have slipped past you. But it starts off with Bruce Wayne at the circus to watch The Flying Graysons. But being Bruce Wayne he’s not there for fun. He’s there as a talent scout. He sees something in Dick Grayson and believes that Dick may be the one to take over for him someday. Dick’s parents end up getting murdered at the show and he’s taken by the police. Batman can’t have this, so he decides to attack the police and kidnap Dick. This is where the a-hole Batman starts. I’m not lying when I say at times it’s really hard to root for Batman and I can understand why some Batman fans may not like this book. Batman doesn’t become the loving guardian of Dick Grayson. Instead he becomes almost villain like. He’s verbally and at times physically abusive to Dick, and in this story he’s a child. Batman believes that there isn’t time for mourning and that Dick’s training needs to start now, so he throws him in the BatCave and leaves him there. It’s almost like Dick is a P.O.W. and Batman is trying to break him.

In the meantime other super heroes begin to have concern about what is taking place in Gotham and come together to decide what to do about the Batman(In this story they do not know each other) So the story becomes Batman and Dick figuring each other out, Batman realizing what he’s doing do a child but can’t stop himself, and other super heroes figuring out if they need to kill the Batman.

My favorite Batman stories are the ones when Batman realizes that he’s insane but he can’t stop himself. He’s sacrificed his sanity for the greater good and for what he believes in. This is just a great story of that. I love the way Miller writes the Dark Knight and when you add Jim Lee art this book becomes a must read.

If you do decide to read this story let me know what you think in the comments below! Or if you have read it and think I’m completely wrong or have another perspective of the story let me know in the comments below. Thanks guys!

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