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And we are back! A few days late but who is counting?! Let’s talk books! I’ve had a rather busy week and I actually picked up a novel that Andy recommended. So lets do this!

Batman (2011-) Vol. 2: The City of Owls Written by Scott Snyder & Art by Greg Capullo

Batman Court of Owls

This is my story arc of the last 18 months or so. Scott Snyder just doesn’t stop writing good Batman stuff and I am beginning to like the way Capullo is handling The Dark Knight. I have the single issues on digital but I love these books so much I went back and ordered the paperback. It’s that good. These stories are still fresh so I’ll stay away from all spoilers. If you’re a fan of Batman you have to start reading these.  I give Batman: Vol. 2 a 4.5 bourbon bottles out of 5.



The Joker Written by Brian Azzarello & Art by Lee Bermejo


This is the second best Joker standalone story I’ve read. However, it’s a distant second behind The Killing Joke. The story was highly entertaining and a solid, yet predictable, Joker story. What makes “The Joker” stand out is the art. It is some of the best Joker art and all around Batman universe art I’ve ever seen. It makes the world believable and sometimes in Comics that can be lost. The first time you see the Joker you will do a double take and think “Is this where Nolan & Ledger created their Joker?” I immediately thought this and was wowed by the thought that maybe this was the source material for The Joker that we all saw and loved on the big screen. But sadly it is not. This book came out after “The Dark Knight” and for some reason that made this book mean less to me. I thought maybe this was the blueprint; the source material for what I love, but in the end it just felt like a “what if” between “The Dark Knight” & “The Dark Knight Rises”. If you are like me and were looking for some sort of closure of what happened to The Joker after “The Dark Knight” read this book and let your imagination run wild.  This is a great read especially if you love the Nolan Joker. I give “The Joker” 3.5 bourbon bottles out of 5.



Batman: Hush Written by Jeph Loeb & Art by Jim Lee


Where do I even start with this story arc? Trying to put into words how much I enjoy this book is impossible. The scale! The Villains! It’s not your typical Batman vs the super villains. There’s so much to it! I can’t stress enough how much of a must read this arc is. The Hush Batman is easily my favorite version of Batman in any book besides “The Dark Knight Returns”. Jim Lee is my favorite Batman & DC artist and adding Jeph Loeb to write just makes this book a classic. So stop reading this and go buy this book now! This book makes me wish we scaled with 10 bourbon bottles. It’s a 10 but here it’s getting 5 out of 5 bourbon bottles. Enjoy!



As always if you have read any of these books or have books you would like to recommend. Post them in the comments section. Hope you enjoy the books I’ve been reading.

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