EP 134 – Are games too expensive?

Adam Baynard Podcast

EA Premium Battlefield
60 base game
80 extra dlc content
$130 Exclusive early access to future dlc/prepaying for DLC
How bad is it really? What are you willing to pay for your favorite games?

When you imagine the one game you spent the most time on, can you imagine it not being worth twice what you pay for a game you hate? Last thing: if the game sucks, Fuck ea for this.

PC building is not hard, but it is expensive and intimidating. Will Adam finally build a PC?
Linustechtips for video advice/tom’s hardware everything else.

-PS4 Slim
-Fuck Target
-Fuck Sean Murray from Steam
-Deus Ex is fucking awesome, possible GOTY?
-New Pricing Model (Comanon)
-TitanFall 2 (Adam)
-PS4 slim Sept 13th
-FF15 pushed back
-Bioshock Remasters Sept 13th

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Adam BaynardEP 134 – Are games too expensive?