Guest Blog: Dollar Shave Club Review

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This is a guest review from our good friend (and friend of the program) Jon Mars. Jon is a public speaking enthusiast, AP employee turned technology guru and tall enough to touch the rim without jumping. Enjoy:

Jon’s Dollar Shave Club Review


I started with the middle ($6.00) option. The top option is $9.00/month. I think the lowest option is $3.00 or something. Here are my observations after the first shave.

Signing up was easy and probably took 3 minutes in total. You can also set yourself up for monthly shipments with automated payment. Thus customers really don’t have to think about picking up razors again.
I had my razor and blades in 3 days. Shipping is free.
Packaging is small and efficient, and comes with an entertaining pamphlet to read while on the crapper.
My skin responded well to the razors – no irritation.

The blades don’t have that extra blade on the back that allows you to get under your nose, sides of your lips and even up your sideburns. (How did men ever live without this feature?)
The blades blow. Not very sturdy, and actually fell off the actual razor a couple times. Because of this I wasn’t as aggressive as I normally would be. (I’m pretty sure razor is dualistic, but I may not be using the term appropriately in this description)


I’m going to upgrade to the $9.00 option and see how that is, but it’s not looking promising. It’s worth noting I can get decent mileage out of a Fusion blade. A four pack can probably last me two months (Berg, I think you stretch it to six). So if a 4 pack of fusion razors is $20, I’m going to spend about the same on a potentially inferior product.

I love the business idea and potentially sticking it to a monopolistic company, but the next level needs to make a big jump. Will let you know how it goes.

One more pro. It came with a sample of this: https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/shave-butter

It’s the bomb.

-Jon Mars

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AndyGuest Blog: Dollar Shave Club Review