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Andy 8bit Bourbon

We apologize for any inconvenience our recent server transfer may have caused. As this is our first foray into the podcast world we had to touch up a few things to maximize our reach and compatibility with all devices and browsers. This included changing some file names that may have caused you to receive a repeat podcast if you are subscribed. The good news is that everything is set up now and, due to using feedburner, we didn’t lose any of our awesome and surprisingly large number of subscribers. We are all set up now and this will be our homepage forever so *fingers crossed* it should all be smooth sailing from here. Thank you for listening and tune in soon for Episode 4: Our most anticipated things of 2014. Chad Johnson is currently in the lab cleaning it up and we will have it up this week.

Also, we will have 8bit Bourbon updates as well as Andy’s reviews and anything else we feel might entertain you. (Look for some good gaming videos soon.) Please sign up and comment on anything and everything!

AndyHello World.