Inaugural Sloppy Box Winners!

Adam Baynard 8bit Bourbon

Update: Congrats TD Sprouse and Tyler. Our first Sloppy Box Winners!!!

Final score: Who cares:88 Who cares: 69

Sloppy Box March is over and here are our 10 finalists.

Rob 6

Jay 4

Ivan 5

Dustin 2

Derek 3

Niels 7

TDSprouse 8

Tyler  9

Mike 10

Robert C 1

As a one time event we are shipping two Sloppy Boxes to kick off the tradition.

You’ll notice each finalist has a number. So you know we aren’t cheating we are going to do this randomly. Tune in (please don’t actually tune in) to the EPIC NCAA women’s final four tonight. The winners will be the last digit of the Notre Dame Score and the Baylor score. In the event of both 2nd digits being the same, A&M will be the first backup followed by Uconn.

Thus, if the final score of Notre Dame vs Baylor is 23-87 then Niels and Derek would be our winners! We’ll contact you for shipping info once the winners are chosen. Thanks for listening and good luck!


-8bit Bourbon

Adam BaynardInaugural Sloppy Box Winners!