EP 130: Best of 2016?

Andy Podcast

This week we are joined by Anthony Rossi, Dustin, and the world famous Conoman. It’s a slow newsweek so we decided we would just talk about our favorite things of 2016 so far. Let us know what your favorite things of this year are!   Contact Us! 8bitbourbon@gmail.com Follow us! Twitter @8bitBourbon @AndyPolidore @baynard17 @Steinheart Website: www.8bitbourbon.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/8bitbourbon Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/8bitbourbon/

AndyEP 130: Best of 2016?

EP 125: May Gaming Rules

Andy Podcast

Uncharted 4   Uncharted. Great case for why we don’t need a PS4K or a great case of why we do?   DOOM   A little too much beta? Are “betas” actually hurting games before they launch? Ex Star Wars Battlefront, The Division, Battleborn, DOOM, Overwatch   May Rocks! Uncharted 4 DOOM Battleborn Overwatch Blood & Wine   Contact Us! …

AndyEP 125: May Gaming Rules

EP 86: Games, Books, TV Shows and Other Stuff!

Andy Podcast

Smite Rothfuss Podcast Console Wars Ballers True Detective Female Gaming Characters Get “Realistic” Makeovers from Eating Disorder Group Hulk Hogan dropped from WWE Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima Still Talking With Guillermo Del Toro Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse support Doom Multiplayer China ends ban on video game consoles   Contact Us! 8bitbourbon@gmail.com podcast@8bitbourbon.com Follow us! Twitter @8bitBourbon @AndyPolidore …

AndyEP 86: Games, Books, TV Shows and Other Stuff!