EP 27: Can (Did) Nintendo Steal E3?

Andy Podcast

Episode 27:   Apple Wearable Conference in October Netflix vs Verizon Moto X Valve VR Mortal Kombat X trailer NHL 15 screenshot Witcher 3 Trailer Mario Maker (Leaks in general) Dota 2 8.5 million prize   What could Nintendo do to steal the show? Contact Us! 8bitbourbon@gmail.com podcast@8bitbourbon.com Follow us! Twitter @8bitBourbon @AndyPolidore @baynard17 Website: www.8bitbourbon.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/8bitbourbon Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/8bitbourbon/

AndyEP 27: Can (Did) Nintendo Steal E3?

EP 20: Super Drunk Gaming and Hardware Talk

Andy Podcast

Episode 20! We recorded this episode on a Friday as usual, but began at 1 pm. A 1.75 L of Maker’s later things got sloppy. Sloppy Box Winners! Adam’s Purchases Razer Naga Nexus 5 “Bright Red” Bumper Next purchase Phillips Hue Light bulb Netflix/Comcast We warned you Halo, Destiny score composer “terminated” from Bungie Hearthstone Magic 15 Cards by Super …

AndyEP 20: Super Drunk Gaming and Hardware Talk