Inaugural Sloppy Box Winners!

Adam Baynard 8bit Bourbon

Update: Congrats TD Sprouse and Tyler. Our first Sloppy Box Winners!!! Final score: Who cares:88 Who cares: 69 Sloppy Box March is over and here are our 10 finalists. Rob 6 Jay 4 Ivan 5 Dustin 2 Derek 3 Niels 7 TDSprouse 8 Tyler  9 Mike 10 Robert C 1 As a one time event we are shipping two Sloppy …

Adam BaynardInaugural Sloppy Box Winners!

EP 12: Embarrassing Gaming and the Sloppy Box

Andy Podcast

Our best episode ever?  Let’s get into it. Here are the topics of the week. Game News: PS4 Release in Japan Wolfenstein Preorder Bonus = Doom 4 Beta Irrational Games  downsizing Titanfall available for digital preorder (and then it’s not.) Segments: You’re welcome! (How we can fix the Xbox One UI and Xbox Live.) Most embarrassing gaming moments. Guilty pleasures. …

AndyEP 12: Embarrassing Gaming and the Sloppy Box